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Eyetopia Giving Back 

Eyetopia has several ways that we give back to the community. Read more about some of our initiatives below:

Eyetopia participates in Sight for Students with VSP Insurance

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Eyetopia is grateful to VSP Global® for Sight for Students®, an Eyes of Hope ® gift certificate program.  This program provides gift certificates for a no-cost eye exam and, if prescribed, new glasses that can be distributed to students 19 or younger who qualify.

Thanks to our partnership, more than 400,000 students have been able to visit a local eye doctor to receive the vision care they need to succeed in school and achieve their dreams. Since 2007, together with VSP® Eyes of Hope® programs, including Sight for Students®, have provided access to no-cost eye care and eyewear for more than 1.3 million adults and children in need.

Eyetopia also participates with the Lion’s Club Recycle Eyeglasses program

Recycle Eyeglasses

Usable Glasses Give New Life

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Refractive errors can be easily corrected with eyeglasses, yet millions living in low and middle income countries lack access to basic eye care services. Lions have recognized the urgent need for corrective lenses and collect usable glasses in their communities to support the Lions Recycle For Sight Program.

Want to do your part? Bring your old, unused spectacles to Eyetopia anytime. No cases, please.

COVID-19 Vaccines

Our very own Dr. Fogle was one of the Colorado Optometric Association’s HOT SHOTS crew. The “Hot Shots” volunteers donated their time and expertise to assist with the massive, statewide COVID-19 vaccination effort. These optometrists volunteered long hours on weekends and provided vaccinations, triaged patient care, filled syringes, monitored patient reactions, and even helped to direct traffic!